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Purpose: The purpose of this educational case report is to describe an interprofessional international cross-cultural immersion healthcare program and to discuss the role of this program in the development of Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students’ cultural competence, interprofessionalism, and social responsibility. Description: The Ghana Cross Cultural Health Immersion (GCCHI) program provides annual primary health care services and education in Sekondi, Takeradi and outlying communities in Ghana. Student and faculty participants from the University of New England (UNE) work in conjunction with the Ghana Health Services, Cape Coast University medical students and community health workers in order to meet the health needs of underserved Ghanaian populations. While immersed in the cross-cultural service learning environment, the DPT students engage in interprofessional collaborative care with other students and the Ghanaian and American providers. The GCCHI integration of western health practices with folk medicine is an integral in provision of culturally competent health care. Students and faculty also participate in cultural activities outside of the clinic during their stay. Upon their return students participate in self reflection exercises and a campus presentation.

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The case report paper for this poster can be found here: http://dune.une.edu/pt_studcrpaper/16/.

The Role Of An International Cross Cultural Interprofessional Healthcare Immersion Program In Doctor Of Physical Therapy Education: An Educational Case Report



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