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Background: Stroke is the leading cause of serious long term disability in the United States. Hemiparesis is a well-known impairment following stroke. Trunk musculature asymmetry is also common and often overlooked when assessing a patient’s muscular control. Trunk musculature is an essential link between the upper extremities and lower extremities during activities of daily living. Impairments in trunk musculature can result in decreased safety and balance. Purpose: The purpose of this case is to provide the framework for treatment and an overview of a care plan for a patient following stroke, with special attention to trunk musculature facilitation, in a skilled nursing facility.

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Physical Therapy

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The case report paper for this poster can be found here: http://dune.une.edu/pt_studcrpaper/18/.

Physical Therapy Management Of A Patient With Stroke Utilizing Muscular Facilitation Techniques In A Skilled Nursing Facility: A Case Report



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