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Background: Total Knee Arthroplasy (TKA): OA is the most common joint disorder in the US. A TKA is a surgical procedure aimed to relieve signs and symptoms of severe osteoarthritis. Acute care following a TKA includes: Swelling management, increasing range of motion, enhancing muscle control and strength in the involved lower extremity, maximizing patient’s mobility with the goal of functional independence. Weight bear status: weight bear as tolerated. Bone Cyst: A bone cyst is a common bone defect found in weight bearing joints such as the knee and hip. They may weaken bone integrity and must be accounted for in patients post TKA procedures. The weight bear status of these patients is typically partial weight bear (50%). There is a lack of evidence investigating PT interventions after a TKA, especially in a patient with a bone cyst and decreased weight bear status. Purpose: This case report investigated the PT interventions, management, and discharge recommendations of a patient with a bone cyst after a TKA in the acute care setting.

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Physical Therapy

Acute Care PT Management Of A Patient Following A Total Knee Arthroplasty With Partial Weight Bear Orders Secondary To Bone Cyst In The Femur: A Case Report



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