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Kirsten Buchanan



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Background: Mitochondrial Disease (MD) is a progressive and debilitating disease that is characterized by a loss of efficiency in the electron transport chain and reductions in the synthesis of high energy molecules such as ATP. Orthotic garment systems also referred to as “TheraTogs®”, have been designed to act as a continuous somatosensory guide for proper functional alignment. Theratogs have been used in the pediatric population to treat Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome with excellent results but there is no known research regarding the benefits of TheraTogs® in individuals with MD. Purpose: To investigate the use of the TheraTogs® System for postural control, with a pediatric patient with Mitochondrial Disease Complex 1+3.

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Physical Therapy

The Use Of An Orthotic Garment System On A Pediatric Patient With Mitochondrial Disease Complex 1+3: A Case Report



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