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Amy J. Litterini



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Chronic low back (CLBP) pain is a common referral to outpatient PT. Radiculopathy has the potential to contribute to back pain. Aquatic PT is utilized at select sites to treat patients with various debilitating conditions. Aquatic PT has been shown to improve quality of life, disability and pain. There is limited understanding on the short-term effects of aquatic PT. Must work within the confines of approved PT visits by local and national insurance companies. The purpose of this case report was to investigate if six physical therapy visits with aquatic intervention for a patient with chronic low back pain and radiculopathy improves a patient’s subjective and objective impairments in relation to his quality of life.

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Physical Therapy

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The case report paper for this poster can be found here:


Application Of A Short-Term Aquatic Physical Therapy Program For A Patient With Chronic Low Back Pain And Radiculopathy: A Case Report



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