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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder where it is thought that the body attacks the myelin sheath covering nerve fibers and disrupts communication in the central nervous system. Presentations are varied with symptoms ranging from loss of vision, poor balance and coordination, tremors, fatigue, pain, and problems with memory and concentration. MS is classified into four types in order of severity: relapsing- remitting, secondary-progressive, primary-progressive, and progressive-relapsing. Evidence links stressful events to increased risk for exacerbations. Treatment of MS can be variable due to the multiple presentations and progressions of disease. Currently little information is available regarding the most effective physical therapy interventions for an acute MS exacerbation under stressful conditions. The purpose of this case report was to document the multidisciplinary rehabilitation of an individual who suffered a severe MS exacerbation after a series of stressful life events.

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The case report paper for this poster can be found here:


Gait Training, Strength Training, And Pain Management Of A 26 Year Old Female Recovering From A Multiple Sclerosis Exacerbation: A Case Report



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