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Low back pain (LBP) is the second most common cause of disability in adults with total costs estimated to be between $100 and $200 billion annually on the US economy. The prevalence of chronic LBP rose significantly over a 14-year interval (1992 to 2006), from 3.9% to 10.2%. Treatment of LBP may be conservative or surgical, with conservative being the mainstream initial treatment before a consideration of a surgical option. A surgical option is usually recommended when there is evidence of worsening nerve damage. In a physical therapy (PT) outpatient setting, chronic LBP is one of the most common conditions encountered. Primary evidence-based treatment options include exercise therapy and manual therapy; both have been shown to benefit many patients. The purpose of this case report is to report the effects of a short-course manual therapy intervention for a patient who presented with chronic LBP and sciatica.

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The Use of Manual Therapy In The Treatment Of A Patient With Chronic Low Back Pain And Sciatica: A Case Report



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