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Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation (MASR) is an adaptive sporting program that relies on volunteers to instruct participants of varying abilities. In order to effectively instruct, volunteers should firmly understand the health condition their participant has. Previously, MASR lacked a formal curriculum to educate their volunteers. The aim of this research project was to create online learning modules & determine whether a massed or distributed learning schedule resulted in better long term retention and confidence. MASR volunteers were placed into two non-randomized groups of eleven. Six video training modules were created to educate volunteers on the most common conditions encountered. Group A watched all of their modules at one time while Group B followed a distributed schedule. Competence was assessed prior, immediately after, and 2 weeks after completion of the learning modules. Confidence regarding the subject matter was also assessed after 2 weeks.

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Physical Therapy

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The research paper for this poster can be found here: http://dune.une.edu/pt_studrrpaper/3.

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Developing Effective Online Training Tools For Maine Adaptive Sports And Recreation
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