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UNE Portland Campus Maine Women Writers Collection


UNE Graduate students Lilia Bottino and Collyn Baeder present this Interprofessional Student-Led Mini Grant Team’s Photovoice project. This project involved the distribution of cameras to women in a refugee community in Portland, Maine, with the aim of enabling them to communicate health-related issues in their community through the visual language of photography.


Photovoice, photography, refugees, cameras, health issues, communication, visual lanugage


Art and Design | Art Practice | Photography | Social Work | Sociology


This file consists of Power Point slides from the presentation. There is no video from the presentation, however a supplementary file contains a video of Lilia and Collyn answering questions regarding the project (please note before viewing that the interviewer's questions are difficult to hear).

Photovoice: Assessing Barriers To Health Among Maine's Somalian Refugee Women
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