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Jim Cavanaugh



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Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that increases an individual’s fall risk. In recent studies, an 8-week tandem bike forced exercise program was effective in reducing overall Parkinsonian symptoms. The feasibility of a tandem bike forced exercise program in a community setting has not been studied previously, and no published study has evaluated balance and health outcomes after participation in a forced exercise program. This six week tandem bike forced exercise protocol, conducted in a community setting for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, aimed to assess the feasibility of such a protocol, and to assess resultant balance and health outcomes.

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Parkinson's Disease, 6 week forced exercise program, tandem bicycle, community setting, health and balance outcomes


Kinesiotherapy | Physical Therapy


This poster was originally displayed at the 2013 Westbrook College of Health Professions Research & Scholarship Symposium.

Parkinson's Disease and Forced Exercise in a Community Setting: A Feasibility Study



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