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© 2018 Renee M. Mielke

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Carey Clark

Second Advisor

Peter Fifield

Third Advisor

Elaine Van Doren


This cross-sectional descriptive survey examined nurse graduates’ perceptions of the efficacy of their educational experiences in preparing them to administer medications safely. Situated cognition provided organization for the study design and analysis. Data were obtained from a cohort of nursing graduates from a community college in south central Michigan using a two-step online and paper survey method. Respondents included 24 nurse graduates from the college of study. Data analysis from the researcher-designed survey revealed learning environments, activities and tools considered to be realistic to nursing practice are considered more effective for learning safe medication practices. Graduate respondents may feel effectively prepared to administer medications safely, however, they do not feel as effectively prepared to anticipate or respond to adverse medication reactions or recognize that a medication error occurred. Needing more practice administering medications was clearly indicated, as was the need to socialize to realistic expectations of nursing practice. Opportunities for nursing educational leaders to improve the effectiveness of graduate preparedness for safe medication administration practices is demonstrated. Situated cognition theory was shown to be an effective tool in evaluating teaching practices. Combined with graduate perceptions, situated cognition can provide a means of developing more effective teaching strategies. Implementing more realistic activities and tools into the learning environments may improve graduate perceptions of preparedness for practice. Graduates whom are better prepared for safe medication administration practices may decrease medication errors and increase patient safety.


Ed.D. Dissertation

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