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© 2019 Charles Michael Scheetz

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Ann Lee Burch

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Angela Young

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Benjamin Rosenberger


Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) have become like hospitals where there are multiple offices in centralized locations. One of the areas that need further study is how to integrate these services effectively and efficiently to service students. Healthcare has developed the triage model and IHEs are starting to bring this model into the educational settings. This qualitative study of a community college’s integrated student service model reviewed the impact of the model on student success of a specific student population. The overall problem was a lack of data about the impact of integrated student services on specific student population success. Two research questions were addressed through the study. In what way does an integrated student service model impact student academic and social success and retention? How do students perceive the effect of integrated student service model on their own academic and social success and retention? Participants were selected randomly from the study site. Two distinct populations were used: college work study students and veteran students. The data collected was from one-on-one interviews, which were transcribed and coded for themes. The interviews produced five specific themes: (1) integrated student services were not widely known, (2) Advising/Writing Center Support, (3) Accessible/Accommodating, (4) Location of Offices, and (5) Financial Aid/Records/Cashier Office – Integrated Student Services (ISS). Based on this data, there were two specific recommendations: the first recommendation was that the institution should do further marketing related to on-demand services offered at other institutions and consider implementing an early alert system. Further study involving more participants and another site may be useful to generate a more in-depth analysis of student success related to integrated student services.


Ed.D. Dissertation