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© 2019 Sherron Gordon-Phan

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

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Brianna Parsons

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Michelle Collay

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Ann Maydosz


Communication is the foundation for conveying the overall expectations of staff by a principal and is required for educational leadership. Leaders must communicate precisely what is expected for staff members, students, and parents to do in the educational environment may be an essential element in the progression of the school environment as a whole. Traits that are associated with a leader and people who have those traits are commonly found in leadership roles (Marion & Gonzales, 2014). Principals who communicate the importance of school sustainability, attendance, retention, or graduation success may produce a connecting element when supporting the goal of improved school performance. Leaders need to explore how they communicate organizational missions and goals within their schools and strive to decrease conveying wrong messages. The principal’s communication, management, behaviors, and practices are essential components support the successful delivery and receiving of important messages.


Ed.D. Dissertation