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© 2019 Amy Elizabeth Egan

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Michelle Collay

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Brianna Parsons

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Patrick Heick


Adjunct professors are growing in numbers across higher education institutions. There are mentor programs at many universities, but there is little research into the social aspects of mentoring relationships. The traditional format of mentor programs is a structured program between a senior faculty and a new faculty member. This qualitative study of a medium sized public university focused on mentor programs between adjunct and full-time faculty. Three research questions were addressed during the study. The first question was: what is the past experience of the participants in group mentor programs? The second question was: what characteristics were valued within the mentorship relationship? The third question was: how do social aspects of group mentoring impact adjunct and full-time professors? Data was collected by one-on-one interviews which were transcribed and then coded for themes. The interviews uncovered four themes: (1) feelings regarding group mentoring, (2) social aspects of group mentoring (3) important characteristics of group mentoring, (4) informal group mentoring. Recommendations include having more social events off campus to encourage forming relationships and to host a semester workshop on different topics.


Ed.D. Dissertation