Date of Award



© 2019 Scott W.H. Barton

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Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

William Boozang

Second Advisor

Jennifer Galipeau

Third Advisor

Sue Mukherjee


As higher education continues to face declining enrollment and financial pressures from decreased funding, colleges and universities must find innovative ways to differentiate themselves from competing institutions through niche marketing initiatives. This qualitative, phenomenological study developed existing research and addressed a gap in the literature as it relates to niche marketing in higher education. The research objective of this study was to illustrate the perceived value of niche marketing in light of the shifting trends in marketing, the increased competition colleges and universities face, and the need to isolate the uniqueness of a university. This study further identified individuals who lead marketing efforts, exploring their perspectives on niche marketing initiatives at their respective institutions and the perceived effectiveness of such initiatives on increasing student enrollment.


Ed.D. Dissertation