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© 2019 Johnnie Johnson

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Marylin Newell

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Gizelle Luevano

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Erika Davis


College selection factors is a subject that seemingly changes on an annual basis, largely due to the shift in the importance of factors to each incoming undergraduate class. This qualitative phenomenological study examined the factors that influence the decision of Black students over a 15-year period, as well as the factors that influence current students. This study answered questions related to which factors are important and revealed the results of college experiences of Black students. Using survey and interview data from Black students who have completed or who are presently attending college at a Predominantly White Institution (PWI), this study identified and highlighted key factors that influenced the college selection process for Black students attending a PWI. The study also uncovered details relating to the process involved as well as the individuals that may typically be involved in the college selection process of Black students. Those factors include cost, reputation of the university, and the concept of fit between the university and the student, which ultimately ties the decision together and will result in a positive experience if indeed the fit is correct. The goal of this study was to gain insight into the prominent college selection factors and to determine if any single factor influenced the decision to attend a PWI for Black students.


Ed.D. Dissertation