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© 2019 Melissa Ann Croteau

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Carey Clark

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Peter Fifield

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Maryann Kane


This dissertation examines the impact of different leadership styles of community college administrators that faculty and staff experience and how they can affect satisfaction and morale within the community college system. There is an increasing recognition that higher education institutions require effective leadership and there is a continuing need to examine what types of leadership styles are more likely to produce favorable outcomes so that faculty and staff will have increased job satisfaction and overall positive morale. A qualitative research study was done by using a focus group addressing leadership styles, morale, and job satisfaction directed to a small group of full-time faculty and staff at Community College X. The focus group expressed that they want their administration to empower and inspire everyone to achieve by having their administration lead by example, share their vision, instill trust, and be confident in decision making. These leadership characteristics fall under those who utilize transformational leadership. Utilizing transformational leadership could have employees become more enthusiastic about their employment and in return carry out their daily duties to the best of their abilities improving morale and productivity within the work place.


Ed.D. Dissertation