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© 2019 Priya Sen

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Dorothy Williams

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Andrea Disque

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Laura Bertonazzi


This secondary research study explored four identified factors that influence student-athlete academic major selection. The purpose of this study was to explore how each identified factor influenced student-athlete academic major selection, including athletic coaches, student-athlete identity, academic advising, and career exploration (Amran, 2013; Andrews, et al., 2017; Henrion, 2009; Kelly, 2009). There were no participants in this study and data collection was based on a content analysis of 20 peer-reviewed studies. Several themes were identified in relation to attributes directly and indirectly influencing the academic major selection for each of the four factors (Amran, 2013; Andrews et al., 2017; Henrion, 2009; Kelly, 2009). For athletic coaches, themes included Balanced Coaching for both Sport and Academic Success, Coach Prioritizes Sports Success, and Coaches’ Influence on Time Management. For student-athlete identity themes included Time Dedication Based on Identity, Athletic Success as a Priority, Academic Success as a Priority, Balanced Athletic and Academic Identity, and Academic Engagement. For academic advising themes included Advising in Support of Sports and Advising in Support of Academics. Lastly, for the factor career exploration, themes included Time Management Skills, Inspirational Influences, Engaged Career Development, and Life Goals/Aspirations/Personal Interests, Disengaged Career Development, and Career Interest Development. Recommendations for this study are to develop a workshop for coaches to build a balanced academic and sport success coaching style and to provide a college success program for student-athletes in high school to strengthen their identity in various interests and career fields as well as selecting an academic major based on their interests. Additionally, recommendations include providing time management courses in high school and during college orientation to help student-athletes balance both their sport and academics.


Ed.D. Dissertation