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© 2020 Sarah E. Harradon

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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William Boozang

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Debra Welkley

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Ann Curtis


The purpose of this case study was to investigate the students’ perceptions of preparedness to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification exam after the completion of a last semester registry preparation course at a small health profession college located in the northeast. In addition to perceptions of preparedness this study explored the effectiveness of the HESI Radiography Exit Exam preparation tool and the relationship between perceptions of preparedness and ARRT exam scores and 1st time pass rates. The problem that initiated this case study was the ARRT exam scores and 1st time pass rates at Radiography Program X were below the state and national averages from 2013-2018. Three research questions and various sub questions guided this case study. The research questions were answered by collecting and analyzing a variety of qualitative and quantitative datasets. The qualitative datasets were retrospective end of semester course surveys from the last semester registry preparation course and a post-graduation follow-up survey that was created for this study. The quantitative data included ARRT exam scores and 1st time pass rates and HESI Radiography Exit Exam scores.

The findings revealed that various elements within the last semester registry preparation course were beneficial in students’ preparation to take the ARRT exam. Twelve course element codes were extrapolated from the open-ended comments from the qualitative surveys, which were then categorized into three emergent themes. The three emergent themes regarding the perceptions of preparedness were 1) knowledge mastery, 2) exam familiarity, and 3) skill strategies. Knowledge mastery was the emergent theme when answering the research questions. The recommendations based on the results of this study include providing radiography students with a multifaceted registry preparation course. Major elements of the course design include: mock exams, reviews, exam question type and format, exam format, study strategies, and preparation textbook. In addition to a registry preparation course, conducting a learning style questionnaire may also assist in the success of radiography students on the ARRT exam and guide program improvements.


Ed.D. Dissertation