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© 2020 Kristie Morin

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Michelle Collay

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Bryan Corbin

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Lori Sussman


The purpose of the study was to explore the most desirable personality traits for school administrators, if personality sex-types have changed since 1981, and how school administrators practice androgynous leadership. Twenty-six school administrators completed the Bem Sex Role Inventory survey to discover their personality trait make-up and how often they perceived using 60 personality traits. Eight school administrators participated in a virtual one-on-one interview. The findings from this study concluded that the seven most desirable personality traits for a school administrator are adaptable, compassionate, reliable, conscientious, truthful, sensitive to the needs of others, and willing to take a stand. There were 20 personality traits sex-typed neutral in 1981. There were 34 out of 60 personality traits sex-typed neutral in this study. School administrators in this study practice androgynous leadership by self-reflecting, creating a culture of gender acceptance, unconsciously and consciously not conforming to gender stereotypes, valuing their experience of gender and using it in their practice, consciously not complying with gender norms when working with students, and being open to self-discovery of gender implicit biases and how they play out in their leadership. Recommendations from this study are to further research how to practice androgynous leadership as a school administrator, explore why females have been progressing as school administrators but not as superintendents, and how to create a gender sensitive classroom and school.


Ed.D. Dissertation