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© 2021 Robert Patterson

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Michelle Collay

Second Advisor

Catherine Stieg

Third Advisor

Jeff Rosenblum


The purpose of this study was to identify the perceptions of a growth mindset, meaning an innate desire to learn, persist in the face of setbacks, value failure as essential to learning and regularly seeks feedback to improve by eight people managers in a large technology company (e.g., Microsoft, Alphabet’s Google, Facebook, and Amazon). Utilizing, eight people managers were identified and asked to describe their roles in communicating their organization’s culture to their direct reports and the tools supplied by their respective Company to influence their process (e.g., trainings, internal communications, etc.). Additionally, the study documented examples of how the people managers communicated about and/or navigated transitions related to leadership or organizational changes with their direct reports. The purpose of this approach was to examine three factors: (1) self (e.g., how informants make a meaning of global mindset), (2) the organization (e.g., how informants perceive or influence within their organizational culture) and (3) people (e.g., how the informants enact their approaches (i.e., convey global mindset) to their direct reports). Findings indicate that the participants understood the concepts of organizational culture and growth mindset and how they manifested within their organizations. Participants’ roles were to effectively recruit staff, model the expected culture and to measure the culture and organizational changes. However, the measurement of the culture and organizational changes was done differently and to varying degrees in each of the participants’ respective organizations.


Ed.D. Dissertation