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© 2021 Alexandra Goldberg

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Jacqueline Lookabaugh

Second Advisor

Catherine Stieg

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Marisa Macy


The purpose of this exploratory sequential mixed methods case study was to explore the perceptions of the prevalence and impact of compassion fatigue among Help Me Grow (HMG) care coordinators throughout the United States. Guided by the compassion fatigue and professional quality of life theories as the conceptual framework, the prevalence of compassion fatigue was explored quantitatively through the Professional Quality of Life questionnaire (ProQOL) and the impact of compassion fatigue was explored qualitatively through semi-structured, open-ended interviews. The ProQOL questionnaire results indicated that no participants were experiencing compassion fatigue. Seven key themes emerged from the qualitative interviews, including (a) developing relationships and establishing trust with families, (b) love of being a care coordinator, (c) empathy and compassion required, (d) communication skills required, (e) physical and emotional symptom, (f) struggle to establish boundaries, and (g) self-care and external support as coping strategies. Findings of this study revealed that although all study participants reported low levels or risk of compassion fatigue according to the ProQOL questionnaire results, participants seem to be experiencing the impacts of compassion fatigue based on the narratives shared during the interviews.


Ed.D. Dissertation