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© 2021 Stanley F. Sampson III

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Ella Benson

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LaTonya Bolden

Third Advisor

Jeffrey Beaudry


The general topic of this qualitative case study was nature-based education for preschool children, which was explored through the lens of transformative leadership and its key principles: equity, inclusion, and democracy. The purpose was to examine nature-based preschool leaders’ perceptions of leadership. The research questions that guided this study were: a.) what are educational leaders’ perceptions of the significance of the transformative leadership components of inclusion, equity, and democracy in nature-based preschool education? b.) what are educational leaders of nature-based preschool programs’ perceptions of the impact their leadership style has upon their schools’ stakeholders, which include teachers, students, parents, and community? The participants were the leaders of five nature-based preschool programs. The findings included the importance of modeling and meeting the needs of stakeholders, and the development of empathy and compassion as a key result of their leadership. Further, the leaders of these programs emphasized the significance of teamwork and collaboration coupled with building strong relationships with stakeholders. A pattern emerged from the data that the principles of transformative leadership tend to occur naturally in nature-based preschool education, and that the empathy and compassion that are developed contribute to an inclusive, equitable, and democratic learning environment. Additionally, nature-based preschool leaders recognize that their leadership has a significant impact on their stakeholders. Recommendations include developing a framework for leadership in nature-based preschool education and expanding professional development opportunities for leaders in this field.


Ed.D. Dissertation