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© 2021 Jennifer Mendicino

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Jacqueline Lookabaugh

Second Advisor

Catherine Stieg

Third Advisor

Claire Kohn


The purpose of this qualitative instrumental case study is to discover the perceptions of high school and middle school teachers in south shore Massachusetts on the extent of workplace burnout they have experienced and to discover whether they are using effective coping styles to prevent burnout. Data was gathered through an anonymous survey composed of short answer and Likert scaled questions and analyzed utilizing Creswell’s 5 Steps (Creswell & Poth, 2018). The anticipated outcome would be two-fold: to improve retention of seasoned teachers and increase awareness for teachers, and to inform school leaders on how to reduce workplace burnout. Seven themes emerged thereby providing insight into the study’s research questions: (a) uncertainty of expectations, (b) causes and feelings of workplace burnout, (c) coping styles, (d) training to help reduce burnout in the workplace, (e) emotional exhaustion), (f) depersonalization, and (g) personal accomplishment. Not only did results of this study reveal participants experienced workplace burnout and utilized effective coping styles to prevent further burnout and stressors but it aligned significantly with literature on similar topics of study. Findings from this study may be useful for teachers in K-12 school systems, persons in school leadership and school administrators.


Ed.D. Dissertation