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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Ella Benson

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LaTonya Bolden


The general topic of this qualitative case study was post-secondary success in relation to transition programs, which was assessed by looking at evidence-based practices, employability frameworks, and guidepost to success. The findings from this research can identify current gaps about this topic by analyzing previous research, looking at existing theories, or by identifying practices that are not effective. Research in this area suggests there is still a way to go despite tremendous focus on providing more opportunities for individuals with disabilities to gain employment in areas of interest. Previous studies about this topic are limited because there is not a substantial body of literature about the efficacy of transition model. Furthermore, each school district may or may not institute the model the same way. Studies exploring the efficacy of the transition model would assess how the program is being implemented (i.e., what evidence-based practices, employability frameworks, and guidepost to success are being implemented with fidelity). Comprehending employability includes considering the many aspects and various ways in which it is assessed and evaluated, the basic applicable skills, and the competencies required for employment opportunities. It is important to look at employability through multiple lenses and thoroughly assess the study. It is not sufficient to consider only whether someone has a job. It is also important to look at a person’s happiness related to their job and place of employment, success in their job, opportunity for growth in their industry, whether they want their specific job, and opportunities for developing relationships with co-workers.


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