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© 2022 Neil L. Trahan

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Debra Welkley

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Dawn Mackiewicz

Third Advisor

Maureen Cohen


In this study, the researcher explored high school teachers’ perceptions of various types of professional development, training, and support provided to and received by them during the implementation of a learning management system. Additionally, the researcher sought to explore the impact support may have on teachers’ beliefs about technology and its role/impact on their instructional practice. Data were collected on teachers’ perceptions of technology, as well as the most effective types of support (and frequency) they recalled were most useful for their respective skill level with technology. To identify participants’ skill level with technology, the Survey of Preservice Teachers' Knowledge of Teaching and Technology (TPACK survey) developed by Schmidt et al. (2009) was used. The survey was based on the technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) framework. This study also utilized the models of continuing professional development (CPD), defined by Kennedy (2005) as a framework to help classify and organize the numerous and varied types of technology professional development (PD), training, and support received during the implementation of the learning management system (LMS). Findings from this study highlighted the varying support needs of teachers based on technology skill and draw a connection between teacher technology skill level and teacher beliefs about technology’s role in instructional practice and student learning.


Ed.D. Dissertation