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© 2016 Tony Minney

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Steven Moskowitz

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Suzan Nelson

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John Taylor


Developing teacher leadership in a rural, geographical isolated SIG school is a difficult task toward school turnaround. This research explored the impact of teacher leadership on the School Improvement Grant (SIG) process, the development of teacher leadership model standards, and the school improvement evaluation process through the qualitative method of case study analysis. This single case study was conducted at one designated SIG funded school in central West Virginia. The case study focused on understanding the impact teacher leadership had on the implementation of the SIG school improvement process. This study was based on 14 participant interviews that were transcribed and entered into NVivo. Coding cycles were then conducted on the transcribed interview data. The results of this case study were the development of five major themes that were established as teacher leadership model practices in SIG schools. These themes included collaboration, distributed leadership, positive culture, teacher buy-in and teacher leading teachers. This data allowed the research to recommend the creation of an online SIG school improvement network that would provide a SIG school a network of collaboration among SIG School to promote and develop teacher leadership model practice as an additional means of school improvement.


Ed.D. Dissertation