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© 2016 Shelly Tennett

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Marylin Newell

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Carol Burbank

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Sandip Leanne Wilson


This action research case study investigated the impact of reciprocal peer review on the instructional practices of faculty in a teacher preparation program. The participants in this study were all teaching faculty in the teacher preparation program at a small private university in Maine. Based on the established research proving that peer review is an effective way to aid teachers in reflection and collaboration, this action research case study examined peer review as an avenue to improve teaching practice in a teacher preparation program. The positive outcomes of the implementation of peer review in teacher preparation were evident through review of all bodies of data within this research study. This study revealed that observing colleagues and being observed by colleagues increased awareness of teaching practice, increased camaraderie among faculty, provided insight into new instructional practices and led to some minor changes in instruction. In addition to affirming the positive effects of the peer review, potential changes and improvements were readily noted by all participants. The findings suggest that this practice has merit and is a valuable way to promote collegial conversation about teaching and improvements in personal reflection. While the outcomes identified in this study are supported by years of established research in other disciplines, additional research that examines the effectiveness of peer review in teacher preparation programs over time will be necessary to corroborate the findings of this study.


Ed.D. Dissertation