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Written and published by John L. Bove, former Dean of Admissions for St. Francis College, Two Weeks Notice...Aloha documents his struggle to come to terms with his loss following the death of his wife. From its preface:

“This was originally a journal through which I sought to regain some equilibrium and understanding. The loss of Fran turned my world “topsy turvy.” I was so angry and grief stricken it threatened my health. Stress of any kind, left unchecked, attacks the immune system which inevitably leads to illness.

Writing gives you a focal point for your anger and grief. Introspective writing, I have discovered, is a lot like meditation. It allows you to view your thoughts much like an outside observer would do. In my case it helped me evaluate the anger, and give thoughtful consideration to my personal environment. It allowed the grief and anger to be brought into focus, and the unforgiveness to be understood. It is a great self-counseling tool.”





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grief, spirituality, loss of spouse, journal writing


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Two Weeks Notice...Aloha
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