Westbrook College History Collection

The Westbrook College History Collection documents and preserves the history of each of the iterations of the institution that is now the Portland Campus of the University of New England. These include Westbrook Seminary (1831-1925), Westbrook Seminary & Junior College (1925-1970), Westbrook College (1970-1996), the Westbrook College Campus of the University of New England (1996-2009) and the Portland Campus of the University of New England, including its Westbrook College of Health Professions, its College of Pharmacy and its College of Dental Medicine.

Sources within the Westbrook College History Collection extend back to 1842 and support historical research, knowledge and scholarship in secondary and higher education, and in 19th and 20th century social and cultural history. Contained within the collection are published and non-published sources, records, documents, personal papers, scrapbooks, memorabilia, photographs, images and artifacts that provide permanent and enduring commentary on the founding, development, organization, management and achievements of the institution.


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