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Founded in 1831, Westbrook Seminary & Junior College commemorated its 100th Anniversary with an elaborate series of events. This Commemoration Program includes:

"A Chronicle Play" with Five Episodes from the History of Westbrook Seminary, 1831-1900, by Miss Maud Palmer Thayer, Dean of the Junior College.

An Historical Address, by Miss Deborah N. Morton, Class of 1879.

A Tribute to Miss Morton, by Mr. David E. Moulton, President of the Trustees.

An Alumni Song to the Faculty, by Miss Maud Palmer Thayer.

The five episodes of "A Chronicle Play" include: I. The First Founders Day, October 27, 1831; II. Dr. Weston and Edwin Ginn, 1856; III. The Saving of All Souls' Spire, early September 1867; IV. The Strike of the Young Ladies, 1886; V. The Old Tower Sees a Victory, 1896; Finale, The New Salutes the Old, 1931.






Westbrook Seminary & Junior College

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Portland, ME.

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Rev. Samuel Brimblecom, Ludcke Auditorium, Baseball, Westbrook Seminary History


Cultural History | Education | Intellectual History | Social History | United States History | Women's History

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Westbrook College History Collection

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Printed by The Southworth Press, Portland, Maine, on off-white stock with black ink, this 63 page Commemoration Program measures 6 inches x 9 1/8 inches.

Related Materials

A photograph of the 1931 reenactment of The 1886 Strike of the Young Ladies is on page 17 of Westbrook College Campus, by Joyce K. Bibber (Portsmouth, N.H.: Acadia Publishing, 2009.)


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100th Anniversary Commemoration Program, Westbrook Seminary, June 29, 1931
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