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From the Westbrook Seminary Class of 1897 Photograph Album: Westbrook Seminary's Class of 1897 sits on the steps at Agnes Safford's summer cottage on Great Diamond Island.

In 1897 Miss Agnes M. Safford taught elocution and physical culture.

The twenty-one members of the Class of 1897 included: Lucy Franklin Bryant, Alice Gertrude Dodge, Abbie Frances Perkins, Mildred Robbins, Alfaretta Gridley Weatherbee, Arthur Jesses Chick, Ernest Thomas Smith, Edwin Booth Vail, Carl Hamlin Witherell, Fred William Cousins, Merle Reynolds Griffeth, Edwin Butler Rollins, Minnie Howard Taylor, Eva Marie Fairbanks, John Marden DeShon, Clarence Preble Doten, Oliver Moses Harris, Herbert Carr Knight, Eugene Miller McCarty, Clifton Chesley Pooler, and Mabel Elvira Stover.


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