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A collection of twenty-three individual photos of the members of the Class of 1904 Westbrook Seminary make up this composite photograph by Kennedy, Portland, Maine.

Individual photos included are: Leslie S. Leighton (Westbrook), Mabel Josephine DeShon (Canton), Olive Elmira Holmes (Conway, N.H.), Amy Claudine Maloney (St. Andrews, N.B.), Arthur Currier Lowell (Farmington), Olive Smallwood Batchelor (Dover), Lancey Gould Milliken (Pittsfield), class president William Stevens Hobbs (Falmouth), Samuel Stevens Woodman (Winthrop),Inez Dora Sawyer (Dover), Harlan Ronello Whitney (Portland), William Cornelius Brown (Edenton, N.C.), Adelaide Louise Butman (Bristol), Louis Von Withrell (Oakland), class vice president Vera Hale Stephenson (Portland), Henry Dexter Norton, Jr., (Lincolnville), Josephine Wass Leighton (Columbia Falls), Russell Fort Lund (Portland), Hattie Ellen Proctor (Richmond), Louise Weston Sewall (East Livermore), Linnie Marie Kellerman (Springfield, Mass.), Catherine Folsom Charles (Conway, N.H.), Rae Delafield Graves (Mount Desert).

Handwritten in ink on the back of the composite photograph is "Property of Louise Sewall ?uildram 1904."


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