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The fifty members of the 1936 graduating class at Westbrook Junior College, Portland, Maine, are, left to right, (first row) Bettina Burnett, Emily Weston, Mary Trowbridge, Ruth Hanscom, Mary Dana, Molly Thompson, Marie Germaine, Marguerite Pillsbury, and Mary Rice; (second row) Carolyn Wiggin, Harriett Cook, Frances Quincy, Lucia Pond, Frances Keefe, Althea Gould, Margaret Bassett, Mary McLaughlin, Beatrice Lewis, Barbara Chick, and Rose Wigon; (third row) June Craig, Rose Beausang, Jean Raeburn, Ellen Mabry, Jean Doeberl, Helen Reilly, Loraine Gross, Phyllis Johnson, Alice Rand, and Dorothy Leighton; (fourth row) Arlene Jack, Georgianna Evans, Barbara Higgins, Anna Horne, Margaret Sheehy, Jane Stanley, Barbara Fillebrown, Veronica Pomerleau, Hazel Wallace, Geneva Penley, and Anne Ragan; (fifth row) Lois Rich, Beulah Cunningham, Annie Moore, Shirley Cole, Frances Savage, Helen Palmer, Barbara Judd, Lucille Allen, and Barbara Altron.


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