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Westbrook Junior College's Hersey Hall residents pose for their Tower yearbook photo in this 1951 black and white photograph by Jackson-White Studio, Portland, Maine.

Back row: B. Sherman, D. Smith, S. Herman, S. Haskins, P. Goodwin, M. Massey, N. Babson, P. Hitchcock, L. McCue. Third row: P. Richardson, B. Black, N. Jaegger, S. Bray, B. Walker, B. Bailey, P. Martin, B. Hessler, E. Gurwitz, D. Berry, C. McIntyre, B. Doliff, P. Thomas, P. Bean. Second row: N. Greenleaf, C. Preble, E. Forsberg, J. Tubman, J. Westaway, B. Haworth, K. Spry, J. Owen, B. May, A. Constantine, J. Corson, E. Bailey, S. Kruse. First row: A. Bridle, J. Smith, F. Bartlett, J. Mansfield, P. Rinderman, K. Connors, C. Perry, M. Rochford, J. Mulholland, J. Downton, B. Webber, K. Tsomides, P. Harrington, C. Breau.


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