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Sixty-three Westbrook Junior College Hersey Hall residents pose for the 1958 Tower yearbook in this black and white photograph by the Wendell White Studio, Free Street, Portland, Maine.

First Row, Let to Right: Jane Land, Phyllis Cramer, Georgeanna Rawley, Susan Casey, Judith Willis, Evelyn Hopkins, Judith Keley, RevaConsova, Judith Austin, Sara Dowling, Marge Yerrington, Janet Hosker, Betsy Gilcreast. Second Row: June Kinch, Dee Kidder, Sheila Nunan, Carol Oldenbrook, Judy Arnold, Pat Talbot, Mrs. Hill housemother, Miss Moore housemother, Elaine Israel, Nancy Weisser, Marjorie Pearce, Mary Hutchins, Mary Hixon. Third Row: Mary Jo Adams, Priscilla Robinson, Roberta Roderick, Nancy Hoover, Judith Drake, Nancy Gamage, Barbata Dimock, Leatrice Dobbins, Adele Gang, Chips Wayner, Jane Newell, Mary Mckinney, Barbara Wadsworth, Gail Staggenberg, Sandra Goldstone, Rolinda Durgin, Sheila Freshman, Audrey Welch, Berenice Wyer. Fourth Row: Marty Hopkins, Donna Beshara, Patricia Tyson, Margaret Hood, Jodie Stackpole, Donna Wallace, Marilyn Pedikin, Judith Dellicher, Sally Nilsson, Toni Henderson, Judy Butterfield, Karen Jarratt, Marion Hastings, Roberta Clements, Margaret Doane, Barbara Salo, Elaine Whitmore, Sabra Fullerton, Laurie Embon, Janet Dennison.


Black and white photograph

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7 inches x 5 1/8 inches


A copy of this photograph appears on page 64 of the 1958 Tower yearbook.

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