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A posed photograph that appeared in the October 1964 Westbrook Junior College Alumnae News. Listed with their names are those of their Mothers. Front Row, left to right: Laurie J. McLean (Jean Rock McLean '39), Jane Alberts Mescavage (Celeste Goodwin Mescavage '39), Pamela B. Ingraham (Barbara Stevens Ingraham '40). Back Row, left to right: Deborah F. Denison (Virginia Copp Denison '42), Joyce E. Cramer (Barbara Veazie Cramer '37), Janny Hunsaker (Barbara Smith Hunsaker '39), Margaret M. Palmer (Helen Williams Palmer '32), Cynthia W. Anderson (Dorothy Robbins Anderson '35), Carol Paulson (Constance Connors Paulson '44).


Black and white photograph


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7 inches x 5 1/16 inches


Laurie J. McLean, Jean Rock McLean, Jane Alberts Mescavage, Celeste Goodwin Mescavage, Pamela B. Ingraham, Barbara Stevens Ingraham, Deborah F. Denison, Virginia Copp Denison, Joyce E. Cramer, Barbara Veazie Cramer, Janny Hunsaker, Barbara Smith Hunsaker, Margaret M. Palmer, Helen Williams Palmer, Cynthia W. Anderson, Dorothy Robbins Anderson, Carol Paulson, Constance Connors Paulson

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Daughters, Alumnae



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