Wicked Good Sports Medicine Symposium


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Biddeford, Maine


2012 sports medicine symposium at the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine.

Presenters and topics included:

Daniel E. Lieberman: Why Exercise Really is Medicine (An Evolutionary Explanation); Samuel Headley: Exercise and Chronic Kidney Disease; Stella L. Volpe: Prevention of Weight Gain in a Large Portion Society; J. Timothy Lightfoot: Can You Be Born a Couch Potato? The Genetics that Control Your Physical Activity; Samuel N. Cheuvront: Answers to 10 Common Questions about Hydration; David Epstein: Missing the Phenotypes for the Genotypes.


Exercise science, kidney disease, weight gain prevention, hydration, genetics


Rehabilitation and Therapy | Sports Sciences


Symposium coordinated by University of New England professor Lara Carlson.

Wicked Good Sports Medicine Symposium 2012 Program



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