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This is the twelfth issue of Zephyr, the University of New England's journal of creative expression. Since 2000, Zephyr has published original drawings, paintings, photography, prose, and verse created by current and former members of the University community. Zephyr's Editorial Board is made up exclusively of matriculating students.





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Spring 2011


Prose, Poetry, Pen and Ink Drawings, Photography, Students


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Photography

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Faculty Advisor for Zephyr Spring 2011: Susan McHugh

Cover Photograph by Drew Ramsay.


Neville Wilson, Hymnal; Danielle Cropley, Ashes To Dust; Haven Lindsey, Life's Wake; Laura Carter, More Questions Still; Haven Lindsey, The Gift Of Pain; Hannah B. Rothermel, Inside Out; Laura Carter, An Unfamiliar Hue Of Gold, Unwanted Lessons...; Shea Stebakker, Oh, How Easy It Is...; Leslie Ricker, Promise; Laura Carter, The Transitions...; Hannah B. Rothermel, Winter's Promise; Jocelyn Roller, The Band; Leslie Ricker, Bonding The Stone; Courtney MacLeod, Destiny; Bradley Moser, The Madman Inside; John D. Daugherty, A Fable...; Jocelyn Koller, The Moose; Courtney MacLeod, Asleep; Travis Smith, Profound Clichés; Courtney MacLeod, Life's Lesson; John D. Daugherty, A Letter...; Travis Smith, Being Social Beings; Courtney MacLeod, Day Dreamer, Gloomy Gardens; Kayla Wheeler, Eighty-Four Thousand...; Rich Burns, Soul Food; Danielle Cropley, Pity; Kayla Wheeler, Hard To Say; Danielle Cropley, Underneath It All; Steve Byrd, Car; Kayla Wheeler, Our Path Is Endless; Danielle Cropley, Here; Courtney MacLeod, Skies Of Escape; Ashley Plante, Mother's Nature; Danielle Cropley, The Disease; Ashley Plante, Visiting My Father...; Sean Walley, The River Is My Anchor; Kayla Wheeler, The Phrase...; Courtney MacLeod, Act Of Awareness; Laura Carter, Promise; Courtney MacLeod, Orchard Of Oysters; Paul T. Burlin, Evergreen Cemetary, Louisville Steamer; Jenna Crovo, Diving Seaweed; Drew Ramsay, Lightbulb Light Show, Wildflower, Bumblebee; Paul T. Burlin, Convent Spire; Mik Morrisey, Balloon Fest; Nancy Rankin, Snagged; Paul T. Burlin, Acadia Dormers; Dolores Wallpaperpaste, Norwegian Swamp; Paul T. Burlin, Spigot Shadow; Nancy Rankin, Twister In The Sky; Paul T. Burlin, Sand Beach; Mik Morrisey, Feeders; Paul T. Burlin, Sand Beach Woods; Julia Keane, Twisty Tree; Mik Morrisey, Lightning; Drew Ramsay, Bull Moose; Mik Morrisey, Ladder; Dolores Wallpaperpaste, Oslo Opera House; Jenna Crovo, Sunbathing; Julia Keane, Sea Star; Jenna Crovo, The Lion; Mik Morrisey, BirchNorth Rustico; Chloe Crettien, Waiting In Vain; Julia Keane, Benny; Jenna Crovo, Big Ben; Ron Ramsay, Escape; Shelby Lynn Praese, Ferris Wheel; Ron Ramsay, Another Fall, Old Glory; Mik Morrisey, Graveyard; Paul T. Burlin, Gulfport Beach; Dolores Wallpaperpaste, Oslo Street; Drew Ramsay, Scenic Bridge, Chimney Pond; Nancy Rankin, Winter Grass; Paul T. Burlin, Backyard Neighbor; Nancy Rankin, Clouds Rolling In; Paul T. Burlin, St. Petersburg Marina; Jenna Crovo, Dolphin.

Zephyr: The Twelfth Issue
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