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This is the fifteenth issue of Zephyr, the University of New England's journal of creative expression. Since 2000, Zephyr has published original drawings, paintings, photography, prose, and verse created by current and former members of the University community. Zephyr's Editorial Board is made up exclusively of matriculating students.





Publication Date

Spring 2014


Prose, Poetry, Pen and Ink Drawings, Photography, Students


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Photography

Catalog Record

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Faculty Advisor for Zephyr Spring 2014: Susan McHugh

Cover Photograph by Mike Fillyaw.


Jack Williams, Voices in the Wind; Megan Totten, Edge of Of Oblivion; Alanna Sachse, The Sun; Hillary Cusack, The Sovereign Nation of Foxbridge, MA (Excerpt); Krystal Filsinger, A Temporary Dwelling; Tyler Meunier, If I Die Before I Wake; Erin Viens, Untitled; Linda Bresnahan, Dancing King; Christina-Claire Georges, Hue; Linda Labbe, A Ripple in Time; Jack Williams, Never Leave; Anonymous, Birch Trees; Kaylee Doyle, Double Cross; Joseph Mahoney, 99 Plain - Looking Back/Looking Down; Taylor Knapczyk, Snowy Fun; Erin Viens, Close to Me; Krystal Filsinger, Island; Linda Bresnahan, Ocean Dreams; Erin Viens, Skydiving; Alanna Sachse, Untitled; Jack Williams, Fiddleheads; Anonymous, What I Learned at College from the People That Couldn't Afford to Go; Linda Labbe, Aspirations; Taylor Knapczyk, Poetry, Art, Music, Nature; Krystal Filsinger, Sweaty Thoughts; Megan Totten, Night Owls; Linda Bresnahan, Dark Passenger; Jack Williams, Snow Blankets; Michaela Hoffman, Where We Stand; Taylor Knapczyk, Sleeplessness; Krystal Filsinger, Someone Has to Own This; Paige Massingale, A Moonlit Rendezvous; Erin Viens, Jagged; Linda Bresnahan, The Cure; Krystal Filsinger, Short Lived Poetry Relapse on the Fourteenth Night of the Tenth Month in the Two Thousand and Eleventh Year; Jack Williams, First Jump; Linda Bresnahan, Heart to Heart; Jack Williams, Oh Brother!; Amber Leslie, Gone; Michelle Pellegrino, Empower the Flower; Jessica Healy, Boote Mills Falls; Michelle Pellegrino, Slithering Snake; Raymond Nill, Secrets of the Moon; Michelle Pellegrino, Eye Spy; Michael Fillyaw, Box of Rain; Jessica Healy, Spicket Falls; Raymond Nill, A Bird's Call; Michael Fillyaw, Ice Out; Michelle Martel, Marlin the Sheep, Firetruck; Mik Morrisey, Far and Away; Raymond Nill, Skipping Stone; Michael Fillyaw, Foggy Harbor; Michelle Pellegrino, This Little Piggy; Raymond Nill, Flowers in the Darkness; Michelle Martel, Smelling the Flowers; Michael Fillyaw, Portland Head Light, Clouds Over the Louvre;Christopher Glover, Reticular Tissue; Raymond Nill, Full Moon; Michelle Martel, Butterfly; Jessica Healy, Time in Flux; Michelle Martel, Camp Ellis; Michelle Pellegrino, Free as a Dog;Michael Fillyaw, Fog on Harvard Pond; Raymond Nill, A Fleeting Glimpse; Michael Fillyaw, Ghost Ship; Michelle Pellegrino, Beauty of the Butterfly; Michael Fillyaw, Winter on One Tree Hill; Michelle Martel, Lady Waiting; Raymond Nill, A Vermont Vista; Michelle Pellegrino, Open Up to the World; Raymond Nill, Canadian Goose; Jessica Healy, Aiken Bridge; Michael Fillyaw, Snowstorm at Low Tide; Raymond Nill, Reach for the Sky; Linda Labbe, Out to Sear; Raymond Nill, A Mountain’s Peak; Mik Morrisey, Glinsk Castle.

Zephyr: The Fifteenth Issue
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