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This is the sixteenth issue of Zephyr, the University of New England's journal of creative expression. Since 2000, Zephyr has published original drawings, paintings, photography, prose, and verse created by current and former members of the University community. Zephyr's Editorial Board is made up exclusively of matriculating students.





Publication Date

Spring 2015


Prose, Poetry, Pen and Ink Drawings, Photography, Students


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Photography

Catalog Record

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Faculty Advisor for Zephyr Spring 2015: Susan McHugh

Cover Photograph by Patti Genest.


Melissa DeStefano, A Dream at Sea; Jerome L. Wyant, The Well; Sarah Fleischmann, To Move Forward; Leslie Ricker, Fine Maine Day; Jerome L. Wyant, The Steeple; Leslie Ricker, No Sun Today; Melissa DeStefano, Bodies; Ruu Weist, Novaeangeliae; Linda Labbe, A Lonely Tune; Jerome L. Wyant, Hymen, Oh Hymen; Linda Labbe, The Ultimate Journey; Melissa DeStafano, McDate; Henry W. Powell, Footprints; Kristina Carlson, The Dock; Patti Genest, Calla Lilly; Suzie E. Oh, Chicago; Patti Genest, Riverhurst Farm Dawn in Winter; Suzie E. Oh, The Sunset; Michelle Pellegrino, Young Love; Patti Genest, When Day Turns to Night; Alanna Sachse, Roots; Linda Labbe, Natures Perfect; Michelle Pellegrino, Life Lessons, Gorilla, Tiger; David Hague, The Mangrove Cuckoo; Linda Labbe, Mirror Mirror; Henry W. Powell, Hi; Melissa DeStefano, Loneliness; Alanna Sachse, Waterfall; Suzie E. Oh, Vertex; Linda Labbe, The Wind Up; Michelle Pellegrino, Dirty Puppy; David Hague, Stoned; Patti Genst, Sunflower with Hummingbird, Sweet Spot; Alanna Sachse, Stone Wall; Michelle Pellegrino, End of Fall; Patti Genest, Acadia; Alanna Sachse, A Quiet Place, Bushkill Falls; Kristina Carlson, Flower 2; Suzie E. Oh, Rainy Day Spider Web; Kristina Carlson, River; Suzie E. Oh, The Metalwork; Kristina Carlson, Flower 3; Melissa DeStefano, Snail; Henry W. Powell, Stillness; David Hague, The Banana Scavenger; Suzie E. Oh, The Bean, The Southwest, Sail; Michelle Pellegrino, Happiness is Key; Patti Genest, Morning Glory.

Zephyr: The Sixteenth Issue
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