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This is the fifth issue of Zephyr, the University of New England's journal of creative expression. Since 2000, Zephyr has published original drawings, paintings, photography, prose, and verse created by current and former members of the University community. Zephyr's Editorial Board is made up exclusively of matriculating students.





Publication Date

Spring 2004


Prose, Poetry, Pen and Ink Drawings, Photography, Students


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Photography

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Faculty Advisor for Zephyr 2004 Spring: Jaime Hylton

Cover Photograph by Matthew Bibeau.


Lindsay Ann Roth, Learning to dance again; Lindsay Ann Roth, Leaving home; William Croninger, Sorcerer’s apprentice; Andy Young, Dear Stan; Anonymous, We were merely freshmen; Photographs and Illustrations: Margaret Chabot, Kirsten Ruppel, Matthew Bibeau, William Croninger, Cecilia M. Duchano, Christina Michele Sites, Richard S. Kenney, Tang Dong Ping, Andrea Weiss, Eric Cutter, Julia M. Powers-Langella, Maiyan Orvis, Elizabeth Baird, Katherine Williams; Andy Ray, Boredom of traditionalism; Kirsten Ruppel, Treasures; Jonathan Hardingham, Falling; Jeffrey Beau Winner, Country of mine; S. Judith Greene, Farewell; Amanda Walker, The ocean; Anonymous, Make a decision; Robert Steven Chance, A passion for mathematics, perhaps?; Vicky Fredericks, Waiting; Lindsay Ann Roth, Sludge; Lindsay Ann Roth, Spellbound; Joseph B. Wodgenski, Joy; Dave Kinsella, If; Beth E. Bongiolatti, Untitled; Michael Nataupsky, Love lost; Ashley Renee d’Entremont, Dark nights; MaryAnn Caret, Sorry (?) (!); Julie M. Powers-Langella, Sheep in wolves’ clothing; Amanda Walker, Remember; Sara Croninger, Dig a ditch; Leslie Ricker, ‘B’ poetry; Lucinda Vakas, Memorial day; Sage S. Hylton, Portland harbor; Katherine Williams, Greyhound to Boston; Dan Rothermel, Darcy Lane; Katherine Williams, Westward; Anonymous, A study; Jonathan Hardingham, We the one; Kelsey Jean Cloutier, Unveiled; Andy Ray, A walk in the woods; Katherine Williams, A glimpse of green; Catherine Giaquinto, Quod erat demonstrandum; Hugh Hennedy, Briefly back in Decary

Zephyr: The Fifth Issue
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