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The beginning of one thing signifies the end of another – for one to start, another must end. With that said, under karmic and Hindu belief, we are constantly in a cycle of beginnings, and endings, until we achieve “moksha” – true oneness with God. Furthermore, within each cycle, there are four stages of life that one hopes to go through, carrying out the ideal goals and progress of each existence. Therefore, this life ultimately is a new beginning to an old soul – a soul that has traveled and journeyed upon eons of time to find happiness, spirituality, completeness and love for others & oneself. Through my experiences, I have recently begun to appreciate the concept of beginnings, that it is an opportunity to move forward and accomplish something new, such as tackling graduate school, starting a new job, or completing a race. This poem describes the continual concept of beginnings, extending from the beginning of each stage of life, to the beginning of each new life cycle.



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