Title of Work

Laurie's Greenhouse

Description of Work

Pottery by: Elizabeth McAndrew

Photography by: Kelsey Albert and Elizabeth McAndrew

Modeling: Laurie the Bird

Materials: Wheel thrown pottery - Cone 10 white clay and dipped glaze (cobalt blue and mossy green). Philodendron Heartleaf Plant. Laurie is a parrotlet, which is the second smallest species of parrot. Photo editing was done directly on the iPhone photo application.

This photo represents beginnings because it includes many elements of my life that I drew toward me in the year that I began my medical career. Living alone for the first time, I bought plants so that I wasn't the only living thing in my apartment. Then when that wasn't enough, I got Laurie the Bird. Over the summer I resumed a life-long passion for pottery so that I have an outlet for creativity. Finally, I took this photo with the help of my friend and neighbor, who has been one of the best people to take study breaks with.

All of these things help me ward off burn out and remember that there is much more to life and to me then studying.



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