Description of Work

At the start of my second year of medical school I was ecstatic to move away from the study of the normal, healthy human body and to begin to immerse myself in the complex mechanisms behind the pathophysiology of disease. I drew this illustration to connect aspects of my personality with the aspects of medicine I was most excited about exploring deeper. This image was drawn with permanent markers on the cover of a binder dedicated solely to preparing for the first part of the medical licensing exam; I looked at this drawing every day as I drove myself closer and closer to madness through studying to remind me of what I loved about science, medicine, and myself in order to keep pushing forward. As the boards loomed closer I spent more and more hours in solitude; in the depths of my studies there were many times when I felt as though I'd truly fallen down my own rabbit hole. My illustration depicts the beginning of this process, and in the same vein portrays the development of my own independent style of studying medicine.



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