Title of Work


Description of Work

Finally, the weekend. Finally, free of the constraints of mandatory lectures and clinical experiences. Finally, freedom to work how and when I want to work; learn how and when I want to learn. The lack of structure is refreshing. I will be so productive. Finally. But first – I will sleep in. Might as well, I am free to do so after all. I am my own person for once. Just because I sleep in does not mean that I won’t master the material. I work better in the afternoons and evenings anyway. I deserve this after a week of toiling in a way that does not have my own best interest in mind. Thanks, curriculum. I am tired. I won’t be tired, though, once I sleep in. And, perhaps, check my phone just once. Or twice. What’s this on Facebook. Interesting story. Scrolling, scrolling. Funny meme. New webpage. I must watch this video, I won’t be able to study until I do. Ten minutes. Twenty minutes. Thirty minutes. What is my friend up to? What is my friend’s sister up to? What is my friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s friend’s mother up to? There is so much. But I must study. I will study. After just one more look. I am burnt out from the week, I must be. Why even bother trying to study right now? Nothing will be absorbed. I will just take a few more minutes, refresh my brain from a week where I couldn’t learn how I wanted to learn. Stupid curriculum. This video is funny. This webpage is interesting. Back to Facebook. I cannot believe that he’s doing that; that she’s traveling there. I wonder how much it costs to live there. If I were to live there I will probably need new shorts. New shirts. New shoes. Shopping. Shopping. Oh, God, what am I doing? I need to study. I must study. I can finally study how I want to and not how this curriculum dictates that I do. Silly curriculum. I know best. I can finally learn in a way that’s best for me. I cannot study up here, though. I must go downstairs. Through the kitchen. To the living room. To the couch. Progress. Now I am in position. If only I had my backpack. But first…

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