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When we think of how our past defines us we tend to dwell on our positive experiences as it is the positive attributes we gain from these experiences that best represent us. For a long time I struggled with the aftermath of sexual assault, mainly with how I was ever going to be the same person I was before that night. In truth I never quite returned to her, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Throughout my healing process I discovered an unwavering refusal to give up; I found strength I did not know existed in me. I take solace in the fact that I took what was the most traumatic experience of my life and derived an empowering sense of self-worth from it; it no longer holds power over me.

As we move forward into our medical professions we will encounter people from all walks of life; some fighting demons we know nothing about. It is our duty as healthcare providers to help our patients derive happiness from the battles they are fighting, to remind them of their strength. It is my hope to empower patients to find purpose in their struggles, as that is what they will carry moving forward.



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