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Beyond the five basic senses is another bodily sense call interoception. Interoception is the process by which the nervous system interprets what is going on in the body. Dysfunction of this sense has been linked to many mental illnesses, specifically trauma disorders. In the article, “Claiming Peaceful Embodiment Through Yoga,” Rhodes (2015) explains how the bodily sense of interoception is inhibited by trauma. Rhodes examines the way therapeutic yoga interventions can be a healing process for women with complex trauma histories through reconnection and control over their bodies and emotions. Our bodies carry the weight of our stories, and as health professionals, it is our responsibility to assist in healing that brings a sense of safety, ownership, and agency back to our patients. In the health profession fields, we are immersed in scientific research writing, which often disconnects us from emotional responses such as empathy. My intention with this poetry piece is to encourage creative mediums for learning scientific material while inviting health professionals to connect with their emotions in order to build empathy for the individuals they are caring for.

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