Description of Work

Although this project began long before the release of Akesis' Spring theme, it perfectly encapsulates adaptation in many ways. The response to the recent pandemic and the disruption to people's daily routines has caused us to reflect on the ways we experience our bodies and minds in the absence of work, recreation, sociality, and movement. Movement, a key to human health and happiness, has been greatly restrained as most of us are confined to our living quarters. Now more than ever it is important to acknowledge the effects of lifestyle on body and health and find creative ways to move and maintain a spaciousness of mind and heart. Motus Habitus showcases a variety of activities and highlights the impact on the human form. As is shown in their individual testimonies, many of our athletes began a sport or found a career path through an initial injury or set back. This project is a small example of what is being asked of all of us during this difficult time. To show our unique human ability to pivot, adapt and actualize new goals.



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