Volume 6, Issue 1 Winter 2021

In this world which appears to be irrevocably changed by COVID-19, we have all had to find ways to adapt. In this, most have discovered sides of themselves they never knew existed. For better or for worse, we have had to change our lives to adjust to this pandemic. Our previous issue of Akesis called for submissions under the theme of “Pivot,” addressing the need to make a sudden change in the moment to adjust to unexpected events. This issue’s theme, “The Aftermath,” called for contributors to share perspectives on the integration of these adaptations into a ‘new normal’—or in relation to any instance of a large impact on their lives causing great change to which they had to adjust for the long-term. This issue also saw an expansion of scope in that the editors were open to receiving work relating simply to the greater theme of ‘Narrative Medicine’ which Akesis has embodied since its beginning.



Aurora Stronger
Sarah J. Stengle


Putting Humanity Back in Medicine
Taxiarhia J. Arabatzis



the after math
Amy L. Courtney


Kaline E. Mulvihill


Amy Courtney
Yasmin Ghandehari
Kaline Mulvihill
Riley Shea

The Aftermath